Transparency, risk mitigation, equity
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Data and Intelligence
Assertiveness, analytics and predictability
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Competitiveness, productivity and agility
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We are building the largest freight exchange in Brazil

We digitize the entire logistical process, qualifying carriers, pre-approving suppliers and providing innovative ways to negotiate freight, managing the entire process from contracting, operation to the payment process to the carrier.
Our ecosystem guarantees exponential access to cargo and transport companies, with transparency and full compliance. Our model allows for gains of scale for shippers and carriers, using innovative technologies for decision making.

See how we revolutionized logistics

1. Hiring

Negotiation of offers through different contracting modalities such as Dynamic, Target and RFQ.

2. Tracking

Cargo tracking quickly, conveniently and centrally.

3. Conference

Operation performed quickly and without errors, through a data collection and crossing system.

4. Financial

Anticipation of receivables without bureaucracy, at a competitive rate and very quickly.

5. Data intelligence

Analysis, comparisons and projections through innovative technology based on big data, algorithms and machine learning.

See how we revolutionized logistics

Technological solutions for your logistics

Driving competitiveness in the transport sector


Customers who are already revolutionizing logistics with us

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goFlux is one of the startups that operates in the logistics sector and diversifies services

The care required to outsource cargo transportation

Platform presents land use data in the Cerrado

Startup goFlux, contracting freight, receives an investment of R$ 6 million

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Discover our ecosystem


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